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Creating at Positive Birth Space with Mind Body connection

As a Birth Doula it my goal to help birthing parents create what is called a birth space. Of course it should be a positive space because this is the place you will go when doing your breathing exercises, meditating, talking with your baby and ultimately give birth within. The place you give birth in may be a hospital, birth center or your home so when you create this space in your mind and body it will be wherever you are. If you are in an environment where you feel secure, protected, cared for and familiar, your body will respond with releasing the hormone oxytocin which is the "Feel Good" hormone that you must have for labor to begin. The way we build this space is by taking all of the gratitude, love, trust, hopes and beliefs that are felt during our work together and creating a place in your mind and body that you can go to process your emotions, past experiences, physical sensations, focus on them and use this as one of many coping skills during labor and delivery that are available to you. When you are with child emotions, physical sensations and even memories are felt on on a deeper level and often analyzed which is something we as humans tend to do instead of simply allowing things to happen in their own time should there be no need for medical concerns. To create this space it is important to connect your mind and your body in an effort to quiet your mind to support a calm, anxiety and worry free birthing experience. You can do this with meditation, prayer, breathing exercises, daily self check in's with your beautiful growing body, love making or keeping a daily journal. Writing down your feelings each day as you progress can be both cathartic as well an account of your pregnancy you will likely cherish. Another method is to create "anchors" which are things that you can see, touch, hear, taste or smell that hold a positive resonance. You can create these anchors easily by repeatedly attaching all of the above to trigger a sense of relaxation wherever you are and when labor begins. All of these practices help you to create your Positive Birth Space. The space where you can be focused only relaxed breathing during your surges. You can use your powerful mind and strong body together to stay focused and in control feeling positive and empowered before, during and after you give birth. There are many relaxation techniques that are very helpful for birthing families that allow you to make this very important connection which guides you into your Positive Birth Space. With the help of your doula and your birth team this space should feel safe, supportive, undisturbed and most of all allow you to set the tone and receive exactly what you need in each moment, even if its silence. During pregnancy and labor your body is going through many changes so if you are able to slow down to create a peaceful and positive perspective this will truly help prepare you for the day you go into labor. So think of a beautiful place that calms you down, let your doula know of any smells or scents that help relax you and communicate how touch, sound, taste and images that can contribute to this sacred space. Sleeping with ocean sounds, white noise or anything that makes you feel calm will help you wake feeling more refreshed, better rested and positive. If you have a partner is it wonderful to share these things at your comfort level with them so they can better support you and honor this space you have created, Your birth belongs to you and creating this space can comfort you which allows your birth to progress more efficiently, contributes to less unnecessary interventions, lowers the chances of C-Sections if there are no medical reasons and will contribute to the calm, positive and loving experience of birth. Should I be your doula this is something I work on with families that choose me from the beginning as the more you practice the easier it is to slip into this mind frame when needed. I provide and guide you through breathing exercises, bring item that can help dim the room, work with essential oils if you wish and practice massage if you would like to be supported in that way. I hope this has given you some ideas on how to create your own Sacred Positive Birthing Space, I hope to connect with you and support you through your birth,

With Gratitude, Coral

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